Wednesday, 30 October 2013


How many times do we hear the NHS being rubbished because of this or that failing. Well I for one have nothing but praise for the NHS.

When other countries have to pay for their medical care, in Britain everyone pays National Insurance throughout their working lives. Not only do we get social care, including old age pensions, but whenever anyone is ill they are treated without charge, without anyone demanding if they have insurance. And they get the best care, regardless of cost.

Well, OK, perhaps there are some who would disagree. But just this week my family is truly grateful for the NHS.

Over the last few weeks our daughter, who already has two children, was taken ill with pre-eclampsia and admitted to hospital. But as her condition worsened she was given an emergency C-section on Sunday, and identical twins Freya and Fearne arrived into the world at 34 weeks and 2 days gestation. Baby Freya weighed in at 3lb 5oz and Fearne at 3lb 14oz. Small babies, but not dangerously so.

Still they were worried about our daughter. She had constant nursing throughout that night and the next day. Every attempt was made to relieve the hypertension. And at last on Monday evening it began to stabilise.

Which is amazing considering what happened next. On Monday morning the discovery was made that little Freya, the smallest twin, had something wrong. Her oesophagus did not connect with her stomach. So within hours a specialist ambulance arrived and whisked her and her daddy off to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital where the specialists are.

Tuesday little Freya had an eight hour operation to connect her tubes. And at the expense of the NHS her daddy could have a room and stay at the hospital with her.

Today she is still sedated, and being intravenously fed, but she has survived the operation.

Meantime, Mum and Fearne are doing well. Mum is much recovered, and Fearne is thriving.

What skill the surgical team has to operate on such a tiny baby! And how grateful we are to all the staff at both hospitals for the care they have given my daughter and her husband and her babies.

Thank you NHS.

Evelyn Tidman, bringing history alive.

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  1. What wonderful help. I'm so happy for you all and hope that it is straight uphill from here.

    Though we could never afford much of the health care available in our country, it forced me to do a lot of research and learn how to be as well as possible without it. I feel that I learned true health-care methods, better than the knife for many problems. However, it is so true that doctors and hospitals are needed at times, and I am so grateful that when needed, I've gotten care that I could pay for over time.